Have you ever wished you could know the fastest or best Internet Service Provider (ISP) or mobile data network service in any location without you ever trying to do a trial and error?

Have you ever changed location (accommodation) and you discovered that your previous internet service in your previous location was not good enough in your new location ?

I am going to introduce you to an interesting tool that can help you detect the best performing network speed in terms of data in any location.

Whofast is a platform developed by Play Data Africa, and it lets you compare the best performing data networks in your home or office. Call it an internet speed test app but this one gives you more information like the best places to use a particular network in Africa, including Nigeria!

I used it to test in different locations I found myself over the weekend and the app never disappoint. Maybe you got into a new location for the first time, you can simply use it to check which network is best performing or know the strength of your current network if it is fast enough all over Africa.

As you can see from the image below, the top performing network in terms of data speed, so you have the option to choose which one is suitable for you. It will also show you the current internet service you are currently using while using the app.

How to determine the best internet service network in any location

How to determine the best internet service network in any location

The developer did an amazing work because a tool like this is much needed to check and test the best performing network in your localities.

To try it out, go to https://whofast.net/ to try the tool out. 


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