8 Tips For Protecting Your Online Privacy & Security
With the increasing rate of computer crimes cases, forceful intrusions and infiltrations into secure Wi-Fi networks, personal computer files and information and daily cases of thefts of personal and  financial information via phishing, email scams
unhiding files hidden by virus
Have you ever encountered a scenario where you plugged your USB disk/Flash storage disk into a virus-infected PC/laptop and as a result of the viruses and malwares in the PC/laptop, all of your files/documents in
Preview The Web Page Behind A Link Without Having To Click The Link
In our everyday lives, we all use the Internet a lot both for official and personal functions, and we encounter numerous URLs/ web links throughout the course of a day that interest us for one reason
How To Know The Speed Of Various Internet Service Network In Any Location
Have you ever wished you could know the fastest or best Internet Service Provider (ISP) or mobile data network service in any location without you ever trying to do a trial and error? Have you
Using Google Lens - Tech Villa
Imagine a scenario where you are walking through your favourite store and an item catches your attention. You pull out your smart phone and take a picture of it and a description pops up with
Quick Ways To Speed Up A Slow PC Running Windows 7, 8, Or 10 Operating System
  Windows PCs don’t have to slow down over time. Whether your PC has gradually become slower or it suddenly ground to a halt a few minutes ago, there could be quite a few reasons

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