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As they say, perception is everything!!! The perception and opinions prospective clients form about you, your business before they ever get the chance to meet you, in most cases, is based on the quality of your marketing materials and the photos you put out there on your websites and social media platforms. Apart from what they read, their decisions to transact business with you and their perception of your brand is based largely on images they see of your office, your team, your products, and your operations. For this singular reason it is very bad business to put out poor images which do not truly represent you or reflect the money, time and energy you have invested in building your business.

We work with you in creating strong images of your business and its operation which portray you as thriving, highly professional and successful. This service covers photographing everything about the business, i.e. the office, management team, products, assets, projects, and operations. We give you a large variety of quality images to choose from. So whether its a newspaper advert you want to place, or images for a brochure, calendar, or your website, you have just the right quality image to use.

Our commercial work ranges from on-location shoots to company events to real estate capture to commercials (advertisement) capturing.


Our photographers work to establish a quick connection with you so that sessions are comfortable and even fun. When shooting with young children great photographers must have patience. We have found that our patience usually far exceeds the parents. So whether you need a professional headshot updated, a senior portrait session, a child portrait or a family portrait we would be thrilled to serve you.

At Tech Villa, we pride ourselves in giving you your best picture yet. We are able to achieve this because we know that beauty resides in every client who walks through our doors and we know just how to bring it out. We work with you in selecting the right clothes, make up, hair style that accentuates your strong features and bring out the best in you. These in combination with the right poses, props, lighting and the relaxed atmosphere we create works the magic and bring out the real you that you never realized (in most cases) was in there.

Although bringing out the beautiful you is our ultimate goal, equally important to us is giving you a delightful experience in the process. Our approach to service, the set up of our studio and package options attest to our commitment to this.

So, whether we are shooting individuals, members of  Board of Directors, models, families or babies, on location or in our studio, we have a guaranteed outcome - classic images that evoke memories of a wonderful experience...

.....   The Tech Villa Experience.

Tech Villa Photography
Tech Villa Wedding Photography


Your wedding is special and unique. By the time we get to your wedding day you will have poured hours of planning and preparation into it. Finding the right photography agency to cover your day and provide memories for a lifetime is paramount. You deserve to have a photographer who gets it.

Your wedding day is meant to be one of the happiest days of your life! At Tech Villa Photography, we understand this and work tirelessly round the clock in ensuring that this holds true for you. Understanding that a photographer is about the only person that sticks with the bride and groom through the day, our photographers are specially trained to be as supportive and professional.

At Tech Villa, we are excited to learn more about your views and ideas for the big day. Meeting your wedding party, friends and family and capturing the life long friendships you have developed is an honour and a privilege.

Our photography coverage is a combination of creative artisitic and documentary style providing our clients with a detail account of the day in a creative manner. We do not just focus on the couple but also on the happenings behind the scene, the guests, the little details that added to the beauty of the day. We know that once the wedding day is gone, the only thing that remains with you apart from your wedding ring, your spouse and certificate is your wedding photo book. So we endeavour to ensure that your book contains a detailed documentation of the activities of the day and gives a sense of the mood and reflects the great effort and money spent in making the day a success.

In addition to the wedding books and electronic copies of the images on DVD, our wedding package comes with additional options:

  • Pre-wedding photo session
  • Additional photo books
  • Wedding website & save the date website
  • Enlarged and framed portraits
  • Stretched Canvas
  • Picture slide show


For your corporate (company) events like annual general meetings (AGMs), product launch, award nights, road shows, conventions, annual conferences, book launch, team bonding and retreats, etc; and personal events like house warming, child dedication & naming ceremony, convocation/commencement ceremony, funeral and burial occasions,  etc; our ability to blend in helps us capture moments that tell a story; Your story.

Tech Villa Event Photography
Tech Villa Commercial Video


We can produce a commercial video to tell your story for web use and presentations to prospective clients. Videos we produce are fast paced and cinematic.


Powerful storytelling when backed with visuals, can create an unforgettable impression. From the writing room to the editing table, our video production team ensures that your brand story stays glued, seared in the viewer's mind.

What we do is simple; we attempt to create lasting connections between people and brands. The tools we employ to do so are – sound marketing and communication strategies that emerge from impactful insights.

The client’s work is of utmost importance to us. We strongly believe that the work we do, or any communication we create must reach the consumer in the most effective way. Only that should define us as a true agency. All the departments, including Strategy, Research and Media Planning are dedicated completely to directing and delivering work of high standards and most importantly on time.


Tech Villa Video Production