Tech Villa ICT Procurement Service


We’ll identify, procure and supply your full range of IT and communication services, systems and solutions


ICT sourcing and procurement is typically a demanding task. Many parties can be involved. Valuable operations people are required to contribute while still fulfilling their operations duties.

We know ICT procurement is about much more than just finding the lowest cost option. You need a supplier who is impartial, interested in your long-term success, has strong vendor relationships and will balance cost against quality. That’s where we come in to help.

We work with industry-leading hardware and software manufacturers and have top accreditations with some of the world’s largest ICT brands.

And procurement documents — RFPs, RFTs, RFQs, RFIs and the like — are complex. They combine commercial and technical content provided by different parts of your organisation.

Tech Villa has the expertise and experience to help you manage your ICT sourcing and procurement process, ensuring it achieves the best results for you as well as your service providers and product vendors.

We’ll handle your complete procurement process, from consultation right through to product supply. We’ll even assist with configuration, installation and ongoing IT support if you need it.


Through our long-standing and extensive partnerships with the world’s leading desktop and mobile device manufacturers, we are able to provide and deploy products and services with the appropriate front-end and back-end infrastructure for our clients. We go a step further to provide efficient management tools for these devices in order to ensure that the user experience as well as the management task of these devices is pleasant and seamless.



  • Computers – desktop PCs, Macs, laptops, notebooks, tablets, monitors, as well as servers and backup and storage solutions


  • Networking – cloud and hybrid solutions, wired and wireless, switches, routers, leased lines and broadband 


  • Communications – telephone systems, teleconference systems, VoIP handsets and accessories, mobile devices and smart phones 


  • Printers, photocopiers, keyboards, mice, scanners and other peripherals 


  • Operating systems and server & applications software 


  • Business and productivity suites such as Office 365 and G-suite


  • Anti-virus, anti-spam & security solutions


  • Business continuity & data backup protection




Tech Villa Sales & Supply Service
Tech Villa Installation & maintenance



Any IT installation is an investment in time and money.  Not getting it right can be a very costly and frustrating mistake - the key is choosing the right IT partner and supplier. A full consultation is provided upfront to make sure the right solution is put in place. Full project management of the IT installation throughout - you can leave everything in our hands. We also arrange the installation to suit you - to minimise downtime. We only source, supply, configure and install top quality IT equipment.

Some installation services we offer include the following:

  • Implementation of new IT system or expansion of existing systems.
  • Installation of computer systems, networks, hardware, software and new equipment.
  • Installation and configuration of telephone systems from traditional PBXs to VoIP systems. 
  • Cabling - fresh structured cabling installation or from complete network installation to an extra point.

We offer hardware maintenance support contracts across multiple hardware vendor’s equipment with choices of coverage that suite your business needs from 24*7*4 hour to next business day (NBD).

Out of warranty maintenance

We offer excellent out of warranty maintenance services that would help keep your IT equipment optimised for performance. Most computer hardware equipment comes with a fixed warranty period of 1 or 2 years but they have many limitations. These warranties are often not as comprehensive as one would like, so you end up paying for repairs regardless of the coverage. Unfortunately, as a computer grows more prone to failures and problems as it ages and the only way to keep this equipment in shape is to perform regular maintenance.

What We Offer for out of warranty services

Our solutions can be customised to fit your requirements and are very flexible, which is very convenient for business owners who just don’t have the time to worry about warranties. We offer out of warranty maintenance services for:

  • Laptops and Workstations – Most employees are careful when they use company equipment but accidents can happen. We’ve found that laptops and desktops are most susceptible to damage and failures in an office environment so an extended warranty and out of warranty service is extremely useful and will ensure they function well.
  • Printers and Peripherals – Printers, scanners, copiers, faxes, and other such peripherals are prone to problems as well and many manufacturers don’t offer on-site warranties for them. Our maintenance experts will make sure these peripherals are in good shape and all issues are fixed promptly. This ensures your business operations aren’t disrupted for too long.
  • Data Centres and Servers – Data centres and servers are the heart and soul of any IT system and it’s vital to keep them in good condition. Problems with these systems can bring the entire business to a standstill so they need to be fixed quickly. Our experts will perform maintenance and repairs regularly and help your system work well at all times. We offer both onsite and remote support so you can call us whenever you have a problem.

Benefits of Out of Warranty Maintenance Services

Out of warranty services and plans are a worthwhile investment because they help you manage your entire IT infrastructure and keep everything in good shape. Here are some of the best benefits of our services:


  • Less Downtime – Regular maintenance ensures your IT system experiences less downtime. Our experts will be able to find small problems and breakdowns and repair them promptly. This would keep major issues at bay and minimise downtime.


  • On-Site Repairs – On-site repairs save time and money because you don’t have to ship your equipment to the service centre. Our technicians will arrive at your location and repair your system on-site. That also minimises downtime and saves you from expensive repairs.



  • Healthy System – With regular maintenance, your system stays healthy and has a longer life. You can avoid the stress and worry that comes with frequent breakdowns and IT issues.


If you want to know more about our services or have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us. You can contact us through the contact form or call the relevant numbers listed on the contact us page.