"A team that loves to create"

We are a fast growing and evolving information & communication technology company with a creative and competitive strategy in technology service delivery, deployed strictly by following globally acceptable best practices, development frameworks, standards and project management processes.

This is the reason why our mantra is a very simple one; ''we make technology work for you''.

Tech Villa has a young, dynamic, creative and highly professional team with experiences from Technology, Design, Consulting, Client Servicing and Business Management domains that takes pride in enhancing productivity with each day. The team comprises of highly innovative techies, software developers, web & mobile application designers & developers, graphics designers, brand conceptualizer and digital/social marketing experts; to help provide a direction for your business while giving you a competitive advantage over your competitors. We believe in making technology work for you and your business which ensures your business grow financially, so expect the most professional outcome from us and at an affordable rate.





To become a leading and highly competitive enabler of technology for businesses.



To provide premium technology dependent services optimally and professionally; ensuring a continuous delivery of value to our customers.



  • Team work - collaboration and building strong lasting partnerships with our clients and community.
  • Excellence - Relentless pursuit towards achieving better results every time and raising the bar in service delivery to clients.
  • Commitment -  full and strong commitment to our clients, partner's course and commitment to our employee's growth and development.
  • Honesty - Ethics, Integrity, transparency and fairness to clients, partners and employees.
  • Value creation - to create and deliver value to our clients, community in an efficient enough way that it will generate profit after cost.
  • Innovation - applying better solutions, creative ideas that meet new requirements, needs, or existing market needs to deliver valuable solutions.
  • Leadership - providing positive influence, direction, guidance, to our employees, community and institutionalising a strong corporate governance structure.
  • Loyalty - unwavering faithfulness, devotion, support to our employees, customers, partners, community.
  • Accountability - taking total responsibility for our actions, services, decisions and policies.